SEO Web Design High Wycombe

What is SEO?

SEO (search engine optimisation) is a way of structuring web site pages so that their content is picked up by search engines so that their target audience gets to see the correct answers to their questions. It has nothing to do with CEO...


What do search engines actually do?

Search engines find and collect all the website data and save it all on their own servers for quick search access.


How to start?

Keyword research is the key stage in laying out the structure of the individual pages and the entire website.


It's not an overnight process...

Search engines take time to consume and digest all the information provided by website pages.


What drives the process?

Algorithms are secret ingredient of search engine cooking process.


Each page counts!

Each page has a potential to become a landing page for particular combination of keywords and keyword phrases.


Backlinks, backlinks, backlinks....

Backlinks are outside links pointing towards the website and are very important in page ranking journey.
SEO Back links affecting page ranking

Fight to get to the top

Page ranking system is a way to determine level of success of page optimisation process.

SEO page ranking cock fight

Never ending story

Optimisation is an on-going process.